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lubicationsimg Image Shearwater Incubator Partners (SIP) aims to provide an incubation platform to young entrepreneurs aspiring to leverage technology and provide innovative solutions to the contemporary challenges and inefficiencies being faced in the areas of social and urban infrastructure, municipal governance and real estate operations & investments.

SIP invests seed capital with such entrepreneurs and nurtures them with relevant expertise, wherever needed, without interfering in their day-to-day operations. SIP founders and advisory board members have significant experience in the relevant field. This puts them in a unique position to provide necessary domain specific, management related and leadership insights to streamline the fledgling start up business models and their implementation.

Shearwater Differentiators

  • A Unique Team

    Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure Focused Corporate Finance Experts

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  • Strategic Approach

    Relationship Driven with Focus on providing Customized Solutions

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  • Proven & Diverse Track Record

    The Shearwater team members have cumulatively delivered over INR 210,000 mn .

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